T-mobile breach – Fraud.org

T-Mobile has announced that hackers have stolen the personal data of around 2 million of its customers. While passwords, credit card numbers, and Social Security numbers were not stolen, personal information including usernames, billing zip codes, phone numbers, email addresses, account numbers, and whether customers prepaid or postpaid their accounts has been compromised.

Description of the breach: Around 2 million of T-Mobile’s 74 million customers have had their personal information compromised. While T-Mobile was able to regain control of its system, many of its users have had personal information like their name, billing zip code, phone number, email address, account number, and whether they prepaid or postpaid breached. Fortunately in this attack, hackers did not access users passwords or Social Security numbers.

T-Mobile has promised to finish reaching out to all affected users shortly. Customers with questions or concerns should contact T-Mobile by dialing 611 from their T-mobile device, or chatting with the company through the T-mobile App.

Data breach period:  Prior to August 20, 2018

T-Mobile’s letter to customers: link

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